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Pu Zhiqiang: China arrests human rights defender
Agence France-Presse, 2014-06-13
Beijing Lawyers Strike Back at New Gag Order
China Digital Times, 2014-04-28
China: Drop Charges Against Prominent Activist
Human Rights Watch, 2014-01-26
China's Labour Camp System Officially Abolished
South China Morning Post, 2013-12-28
Riding the Tiger: China's Struggle With Rule of Law
Wall Street Journal, 2013-12-18
UK Has 'Human Rights Dialogue' With China
The Telegraph, 2013-12-02
China: First Trial of Anti-Corruption Activists
Human Rights Watch, 2013-10-24
Rights Lawyer Tang Jitian Detained Over Falun Gong case
South China Morning Post, 2013-10-21
Prominent Chinese Activist Releases Jail Video
The Wall Street Journal, 2013-08-08
China Labor Camps Under Fire from State Think Tank
The Wall Street Journal, 2013-08-07
What's Behind the New Chinese Crackdown?
The New York Review of Books, 2013-07-29
China: Citizens United
Financial Times, 2013-07-29
The Rule of Law: Bizarrely Consistent
The Economist, 2013-07-27
Activists 'Detained While Celebrating Hu Jia's Birthday'
South China Morning Post, 2013-07-26
Leading Citizen Movement Activist Xu Zhiyong Arrested
South China Morning Post, 2013-07-19
China Detains a Leading Human Rights Advocate
The New York Times, 2013-07-17
Lawyers Barred From Dalian Falun Gong Trial
Radio Free Asia, 2013-06-21
Lawyers Beaten During Attempt to Visit Black Jail
Human Rights in China, 2013-05-13
Rights Defense Lawyer Detained After Court Appearance
Human Rights in China, 2013-04-04
Will 2013 See Progress in China's Rights Protection?
South China Morning Post, 2012-12-10
Politics Before Justice for Bo Xilai, Chen Kegui
South China Morning Post, 2012-10-31
Silencing a Voice for Justice
New York Times, 2012-10-31
China to Revise Laws
Xinhua Net, 2012-10-23
Chen Kegui Must Have Access to His Lawyer
Human Rights First, 2012-10-12
Shandong Lawyer Under Pressure
Radio Free Asia, 2012-09-21
The Committee to Support Chinese Lawyers Seeks a Program Intern for Fall 2012
The Committee to Support Chinese Lawyers, 2012-08-16
US, China Begin Annual Human Rights Dialogue
Associated Press, 2012-07-23
Xu Zhiyong on the Disappearance of His Volunteer Song Ze
China Law and Diplomacy, 2012-07-23
Video: What's Next for Chen Guangcheng?
Council on Foreign Relations, 2012-05-31
Activist's Brother Escapes to Beijing
Wall Street Journal, 2012-05-24
What China's Dissidents are Saying About Chen
Associated Press, 2012-05-03
Activist's fate deepens US-China suspicions
Associated Press, 2012-05-03
Media Conference Call: Tensions in the U.S.-China Relationship
Council on Foreign Relations, 2012-05-02
Who is Chen Guangcheng
NPR, 2012-04-30
Chinese activist flees house arrest
The Guardian, 2012-04-27
Dreaming of a Normal Life in China
NY Times, 2011-11-11
Don't Overlook China's 'Ordinary' Lawyers
China Real Time, Wall Street Journal, 2011-08-31
US Asia Institute/South China Morning Post, 2011-06-07
Concern Over Rights Lawyer
Radio-Free Asia, 2011-04-13
The Dissident's Wife
Op-Ed, New York Times, 2011-03-28
Activists vanishing in China
Washington Times, 2011-03-25
China hits Gmail in censorship crackdown
The Australian, 2011-03-21
Chinese Lawyer 'Woman of Courage'
Radio-Free Asia, 2011-03-10
China cracks down on lawyers and activists
Financial Times, 2011-02-22
US expresses concern over detained Chinese lawyer
Associated Press, Forbes, 2011-02-16
Activist lawyer beaten over leaked video
South China Morning Post, 2011-02-11
Video records activist's house-arrest struggles
South China Morning Post, 2011-02-11
Missing Lawyer Told of Abuse
Washington Post, 2011-01-10
Teng Biao: "A Hole to Bury You"
Wall Street Journal, Opinion Asia, 2010-12-27
China's War on Dissent and Activism
Wall Street Journal, China Realtime Report, 2010-12-24
China's Voices of Dissent
BBC News, 2010-12-07
China's Straight Shooters
The Sydney Morning Herald, 2010-12-07
Empty Chairs in Oslo Speak Volumes
Wall Street Journal, 2010-11-11
Law Reformers Inheritors of Liu Xiabo Fight?
Wall Street Journal, China Realtime Report, 2010-11-09
Lawyers: China Blocked US Visit, Citing 'Security'
NPR/The Associated Press, 2010-10-30
Liu Xiaobo: The Official Portrait
The New Yorker, 2010-10-28
Lawyer Asks Head of Supreme People's Court to Resign Over Execution
Human Rights in China Press Release, 2010-10-07
Beijing Human Rights Lawyers Demand Apology from Bureau of Justice
The Epoch Times/Radio Free Asia, 2010-09-14
Blind activist is freed in China
Wall Street Journal, 2010-09-09
ABA Awards Gao Zhisheng "International Human Rights Lawyer" Award
China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group press release, 2010-08-11
Beijing's Friend and Critic
South China Morning Post, 2010-07-01
China Changes Rule on Evidence Obtained by Torture
China Real Time Report, Wall Street Journal, 2010-06-15
The Silencing of Gao Zhisheng
Wall Street Journal, 2010-05-31
Human Rights lawyer disappears, again
South China Morning Post, 2010-04-30
China's Missing Human Rights Lawyer
The New York Times, 2010-03-18
The U.S. must speak out against China's offenses
The Washington Post, 2010-02-04
China's Defiance Stirs Fear for Missing Dissident
The New York Times, 2010-02-02
Obama urged to raise rights in China
Agence France-Presse, 2009-11-13
An advocate for China's rural poor: Liu Yao
by Tom Mitchell, Financial Times, 2009-11-06
China's Assault on the Rule of Law
Far Eastern Economic Review, by Sophie Richardson, 2009-09-09
China: Crackdown on lawyers and legal activists
Amnesty International , 2009-09-07
Chinese sentences dissident to 13 years
The Associated Press, 2009-09-02
China to Train Judges on Social Unrest: State Media
Agence France-Presse (via YahooNews), 2009-09-02
Chinese sentences dissident to 13 years
The Associated Press, 2009-09-02
Without Explanation, China Releases 3 Activists
The New York Times, 2009-08-24
Beijing Frees Jailed Activist Xu Zhiyong
The Wall Street Journal, 2009-08-24
Xu Zhiyong-law professor under arrest
By George Conk, Blog: Otherwise, 2009-08-23
Can Words Set Xu Free?
Forbes, 2009-08-21
Chinese Public-Interest Lawyer Charged Amid Crackdown
The New York Times, August 18, 2009, 2009-08-18
China quake activist put on trial
BBC News, 2009-08-12
Tibetan Dissident Disappears
New York Times, 2009-08-08
China Shuts Down Office of Volunteer Lawyers
The New York Times, 2009-07-17
US Calls for Release of China Dissident
AFP( via YahooNews), 2009-06-25
Lawyers at risk trying to apply the law
South China Morning Post, 2006-12-25

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